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Shirley J. Brewer
UB Puts ‘Divided Baltimore’ on the Fall Syllabus

"Proud of the University of Baltimore, where I received my Master of Arts degree in 2005,...

Barbara Shapiro
Partnering to Build a Better Baltimore

"Terrific a great addition to the public school system!

Jennifer Bodine '75
UB Puts ‘Divided Baltimore’ on the Fall Syllabus

"'Not in My Neighborhood' is a must read for this course.

joel (@newjoelcity)
Two Sets of Baltimore Emojis Available Soon

"Is one of them "POLICE TAPE" or Body Outline chalk? Just askin...

Traffic Sign “Hacked” in West Baltimore, Then “Hacked” Again

"How will this city be a better place with such Mentality.... Give respect to recevive...