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Worst Marylander of the Week Award: The Deranged Sorority Girl

5 Written by: | Friday, Apr 19, 2013 10:21am


So after reading this incredibly insane, profanity-ridden email from a Delta Gamma sorority member at the University of Maryland, I kind of feel like I have PTSD. And that my decision to not join a sorority in college was the right one.

So you get a sense of the Ari Gold-like level of invective that this VERY UPSET sorority sister conjures up in an attempt to get her point across, here’s a brief excerpt, with profanity removed:

“I’ve been getting texts on texts about people LITERALLY being so f***ing AWKWARD and so f***ing BORING. If you’re reading this right now and saying to yourself “But oh em gee Julia, I’ve been having so much fun with my sisters this week!”, then punch yourself in the face right now so that I don’t have to f***ing find you on campus to do it myself.”  Sorority sisters are berated for “LITERALLY being so f***ing AWKWARD and so f***ing BORING,” and for “being f***ing WEIRD at sports.” It goes on — at length! — from there.

Now that the email has gone viral, the Delta Gamma central office is reporting that it will, ahem, “take appropriate actions as necessary.”

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  • anon.e.mouse

    that’s pretty horrible. she’s just a big bully. can you imagine when she becomes a mother and her kids are acting up? she needs some meds.

  • Coop

    You probably should have noted that Julia is not her real name, Gawker changed it. The other thing is, the email is extremely well-written. Offensiveness and bullying aside, the spelling and grammar are impeccable and it’s an entertaining read throughout. If this girl could actually channel her talent into something healthy, she could write some good stuff.

    • Rachel Monroe

      Good point, Coop — she’s been identified by (real) name on some other websites, but for the reasons Lisa mentions below, I thought it best to defer to Gawker’s pseudonym. No one wants one awful email to define a life!

  • LisaR

    The risk you take with being able to express yourself electronically is you may find yourself subject to what I term the “Scarlet-Letter Syndrome”. The author of the e-mail likely intended for her missive to be read by a select few, only to have her e-mail read by others who apparently have not taken kindly to it. To put all in perspective: the writer is of a certain age, currently developing as a person, who may have been in a certain mood when she wrote the e-mail. The e-mail is not indicative of her entire being now and forever; these thoughts come from a person at a certain point in time. Had she merely expressed these thoughts verbally or in writing in only a few only a few would know about them. I feel as if we should all carry around Scarlet Letter A’s of our own design to be tacked to our chests whenever we express thoughts with which others do not agree.

  • Amy

    I can’t imagine the trouble I would have gotten into had the internet and cell phones been around when I was young…


Brewing in Baltimore: A Conversation With Patrick Beille of Peabody Heights...


World Book Night Baltimore: “Books Can Only Make People Better”

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